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Solar Universe India (SUI) was started in 2003 with a simple range of solar garden light. The positive feedback this line of product received led to the development of the current brand, branched out not only to have a pan-india presence but an international repute as well. Solar Universe India offers products, services and consultation in all segments of Solar Energy and other green industries/initiatives. SUI is now partnering and cooperating with like-minded businesses, governments and individuals who are keen to forward the cause and not just the business of renewable energy for the betterment and development of their surroundings and people. Along with our experienced team of engineers and professionals, SUI has acquired the capacity to meet the dynamic energy need of any individual or business from across the globe.


SUI is one of the world's most innovative solar engineering companies that designs, prototypes, manufactures and distributes all of the products seen on this site. We work with and supply 1000's of the best known resellers, distributors, manufacturers and OEM customers and our products can be found across the globe - from deserts in Africa to the forests in South America, the Himalayas In South Asia and back to India.


At SUI we are all for ideas & innovations. We work closely with startups, incubators and accelerators that have a green bug in them to develop new, advanced and sustainable solar applications. Through our friends and partners across the globe, we combine synergies and efforts to continuously reinvent ourselves. A common saying at Solar Universe India is, "We do not compete with prices, we compete with quality". Whenever you buy from us no matter how big or small, qualities are never comprised with. That being said, we are always open to partnering with like-minded competitors as well ;)


Our long term goals are focused on being the pioneer in catering to the energy and environment needs of the present and future generation. In this mammoth task we have the advantage of having a head-start in the segment when it was still in the developing stage in the country. SUI has taken it as its mission to provide grid-independence to the millions deprived of basic electricity even in this day and age with our transparent business conduct model. How is Solar Universe India unique? Visit the innovate page to know more.


Our Team


Mukesh Gupta : An SRCC Alumni who started his first business venture while he was in college, Mukesh Gupta is a well known personality in the Writing Instruments industry and is credited, along with his father, for opening the first exclusive Pen Showroom in India in 1995. He duplicated the successful model and opened the first Solar Showroom, with over 100 products, under one roof in 2003. Apart from running the family's Writing Instruments business, he supervises the Solar Division, which is now predominantly managed by his son.


Shubhaang Gupta : A Business Economics graduate from Delhi University, Shubhaang has been a part of the company, which is now completely managed by him, since his college days. Having travelled across developing, off-grid markets of Africa and Asia, Shubhaang now looks after the international division of the company besides taking care of domestic sales and manufacturing.


Tanya Gupta : With her past experience of working as a Content Manager for a well-known Indian website, Tanya looks after the Social Media and Marketing division of the company. Her social skills and media knowledge provide invaluable support to the company and helps make a connect with consumers online.



With an experience of over 10 years, Solar Universe India designs, develops, supplies and installs an array of consumer and community based solutions that use the power of the most democratic source of energy - The SUN


  • Based of New Delhi, SUI export to more than 25 partners across Africa, Asia, MENA region Europe, Oceanic countries and Amaericas
  • Offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ireland
  • Range of products designed in Ireland
  • OEM partners to various organizations in the industry
  • Advisor to various institutions for Rural Electrification in Asia and Africa