Keepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd


At Keepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., we accept challenges. The result is increased life of your products. Since we are small yet specialized, we provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to our clients. 

To offer cost-effective solutions and maintain consistency in service standards, we have done automation of several coating applications using robot, manipulators & positioner-rotator combination. In our factory, we have installed equipments, which are chosen for quality, technology and value for money basis. The entire facility and equipment are regularly upgraded using our experience and know-how in order to remain modern.

The thermal spray guns needs correct fuel supplies in terms of flow & pressure. We have installed manifold & flow-meter systems which are less atmospheric weather dependent and safe. We could develop thermal spray with great efficiency for our O.E.M. Customers.

To reduce effects of heat during spraying on your components, we control and monitor job temperature using infra red imagers. In this way, we have succeeded in minimizing or avoiding deformation and increased range of materials which can be repaired.

For the purpose of efficiently carrying out the process, we have employed competent and experienced  staff and trained them as per provisions & guidelines of ASM 2.16/2.16M operator training manual. This team has been with us for several years, like a family.

After coatings we subjected our jobs to both on-site and lab testing. Post the trials, we have collected and documented the incumbent results. These experiments, therefore, can technically and theoretically verify the suitability of our solutions.

We believe that the available knowledge and the large body of information disseminated through the internet, can benefit a lot of industries. Hence, we keep ourselves updated with the developments taking place in the field. We use almost 20 years of our experience in the field of thermal spray & welding to extend the advantages to our customers and to the industries in general. We invite engineering undergraduates to work with us on development projects, thereby sharing and gaining domain knowledge.