We, Jaylon Impex India Pvt. Ltd., is a one-stop shop that offers the product like Linseed Oil, Animal Feed, Oil Cake, Coconut, and so on. The quality of our products has enabled used us to become the first choice of customers. Since 1992, our products are known for taste, freshness, economical rates, and longer-shelf-life.


Demands for Wheat Flour, Nuts, Oils, Oil Cake and Animal Feed have always remained good hence there are many companies in the market to fulfill the requirements of customers. In the race of companies, a dilemma which customers face is to get the right quality at right price. And just to gain more profits, most of the companies are disappointing customers. But we, Jaylon Impex India Pvt. Ltd., strictly criticize such practices and started our operations with the sole goal to provide the best quality at the best rates. Paying proper attention to hygiene factor, our products are processed and then examined as per the standards of the industry. Apart from our quality focus, there are many other attributes that are becoming steps of our success ladders, some of them are delivery of orders at specified place, several payment options and well expanded shipment network.




Assurance of quality, comes sealed packed in products served by quality-focused Jaylon Impex India Pvt. Ltd. Years have passed to our inception but our enthusiasm to perform the best in markets is still afresh. Originality in quality of products make them worth-investing in the eyes of customers.

Our vast product portfolio comprises Wheat Flour, Animal Feed, Soybean Oil, Coconut, etc. All these stand tall on quality expectations of valued patrons because of stringent testing policy. Understanding quality concerns of clients, we examine product line on various parameters of safety and quality. This helps in living up to the promise of serving solely value against hard-earned money.

There is no denying in the fact that customers are source of a company's long-term survival. Knowledge of this truth, makes us more focused towards fulfilling needs of customers. Our business entity devises customer-focused business policies, which help in retaining old and attracting new clients.

Consistency in quality, perfect work execution and timely completion of orders is helping our company to break the 'Myth' that says, old companies after a point of time become slow and ignorant towards maintaining perfection in work. Each day, we consider our first day of business and put across hard efforts to make the best use of it in our favor.


Cateogary Product


  • Crude Sunflower Oil
  • Crude Soyabean oil

  • Crude Linseed Oil

  • RBD Palm Oilen

  • Sunflower Lecithin

  • Soya Lecithin

  • Sunflower Fatty Acid oil

  • Soya Fatty Acid

  • Refined Sunflower Oil

  • Sunflower Acid Oil




Packaging is another factor after quality at which our business entity pays maximum attention. This is because packaging serves as a branding tool for a company. For safe shipment, we make use quality packaging materials. On the packaging cover of products like Sunflower Oil, Linseed Oil, Oil Cake, etc., information like manufacturing/expiry dates and nutritional facts is given.

In the coming time, we picture ourselves growing with the support of a much wider customer-base that we enjoy in the present. To make this visualization real, we work hard to easily adapt changing business trends and new market plans. Also, we have made strong business plans of business expansion.





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