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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the page on which you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Please read them first before asking us a question, it will save us both time. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us here. We will try to answer your question as good as possible.
  • Do you buy or sell products?
  • How do I buy or sell products on your website
  • How can I contact a business on your website?
  • Can I too register my business on this website?
  • Is registration free?
  • I am not active in the industry this website represents but want to contact a member listed on this website, is that possible?
Do you buy or sell products?
No, we do not buy or sell products ourselves.

We offer specialized websites for all kind of industries and are as such an intermediate between the businesses listed on our websites.

So please do not contact us about products or businesses listed on our websites. If you wish to know some industry related information, you will have to contact the businesses listed on our website. For all other non content related questions feel free to contact us.

How do I buy or sell products on your website
We do not sell the products listed on our websites ourselves. If you are interested in one of the products listed on our website you will have to contact the business that added the product to our website.

If you wish to promote your own products through our website: register your business in the appropiate section and get a premium, gold or silver membership and simply add your products to our website.
How can I contact a business on your website?
You will have to have a registration on one of our websites in order to contact a business listed on our website.

Depending on the membership of the business you are trying to contact (free, Premium, Gold and Silver), you'll need one of our three memberships to contact them through our website.

If you have a registration at on of our websites and you have the appropiate membership, simply login to the website the business is listed on and contact them.
Can I too register my business on this website?
Yes, if you are active in the industry of this website you can register your business in the appropiate section and be listed on our website. Basic registration is free in all sections.

If are you active in another industry go to : and check whether we have a website in your kind of industry...
Is registration free?
Yes, basic registration is free in all sections. In the company and supplier section of our websites however, we offer also a Premium,Gold and Silver membership with a higher ranked listing and more possibilities (e.g. adding products).
I am not active in the industry this website represents but want to contact a member listed on this website, is that possible?
Yes, if you are a business active in one of the industries we have a website for (see for an overview: www.hindustanmarkets) ,just register at that website and come back at this website and contact the company you wish to contact.

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Verified Trust HindustanMarkets TrustCode Certificate is an indication of trustworthiness of a business based upon its verified record of certified documents pertaining to proof of existence, legal status, statutory approvals, affiliations and quality certifications.

Once the entity is TrustCode verified, a clickable TrustCode certificate will appear alongside the listing of the entity all across the HindustanMarkets platform upon clicking the code, visitor will be able to see the verified details of the entity. Thus for a buyer, an entity having TrustCode Certificate will have more reasons to be trustworthy as compared to any other entity in negotiating a business transaction.
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"First Impression is the Last Impression!" is an old saying that is widely apt in the business world. That is why; your website must have the captious looks that grab the eyeballs of visitors. May be you are an able trader but if your site doesn´t say and impresses the visitor, then that does hurt your business.

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People design and decorate their houses according to their likings and imaginations and websites are nerveless than your home. We believe that your site must be designed and shaped in looks you ask for.

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In the present market scenarios, business people have realized the requirement of exposing their respective business at the hugest platforms. Huge platform gives in better sources of profits and safeguards their businesses forever! .

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