Shreya Singal is not only an architect and a designer, but also someone who gives real shape and meaning to a dream. A dream that is your house, your corporate building / office or that farmhouse that you've been thinking of creating for years. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved being creative and working with colors and textures. With time, this connection grew stronger and she made the decision to study architecture so she could create grand and flamboyant spaces for people from different walks of life. After gaining a fair knowledge of the field by working with some of the most prominent architects including Zafar Chaudhary and Ranjodh Singh in Ludhiana and Amit Gulati and Vidhur Bhardawaj in Delhi, she realized that it was time to branch out and do something on her own. It was time to expand her expertise of creating drawings, designing, managing the site and interacting with clients, finance and business development, so together they could create beautiful and inspiring spaces. Shreya's passion for travel within India and abroad has given her the opportunity to learn from and apply various details and techniques, particular to a place and culture, to her work. All her clients have been amazed by her meticulous nature and her ability to include them at every stage of the project.




Shreya Designs is an interior design and architecture firm in Delhi NCR and Punjab. We offer renovation services and turnkey solutions.


It is led by Ms. Shreya Singal, a top architect in Delhi NCR who is registered with the council of Architecture. Based out of Gurgaon, Shreya Designs also operates in Ludhiana and is one of the top architects in Ludhiana; the team comprises designers and architects who manage the project end to end in terms of understanding the client’s needs and planning the spaces accordingly. Having a diverse experience of handling commercial and residential projects, Shreya Designs delivers only the highest quality of services that also impart practical and aesthetic characteristics to space. We offer turnkey solutions to our clients keeping the land and property constraints in mind and that is why we are the best architect in Ludhiana and Delhi NCR.


The team comprises technically sound professionals who have a deep understanding of aesthetic know-how in order to provide the clients with the right solutions that are thorough and utilitarian. Being the best architect in Ludhiana, we have a specialized team of electrical consultants, HVAC consultants and structural engineers who ensure the right solutions to every aspect of structural design, are a big support to the design team and are an integral part of a good design project. A Vaastu team also monitors the project to ensure that the house aligns with the directions to radiate positive energy indoors. We take every design of ours seriously and ensure that the design aligns with the location, clients’ needs and budgets and is ecologically friendly and aesthetically top of the line.




Shreya Designs is a firm dealing in Architectural and Interior Designing projects in Delhi NCR and Ludhiana.


Our design ethos is  “PROVIDING UTILITARIAN SPACES”. Contrary to general belief, interior design is more than just choosing upholstery fabric that matches the colour of the interior walls. It is about turning a space favourable to the inhabitants’ requirements.  


Being one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon, Ludhiana & Delhi, we specialize in residential projects, thus attention to detail is a top priority. We use the latest technology and software to give our clients a visual experience of how the project will look once finished. We ensure that our client’s participation in the project will be only the initial briefing and requirements. We don’t believe in making a design on a paper only but executing it end to end and have an outcome that is fulfilling and complete, thus we are TURNKEY SOLUTION providers. Procurement, managing the vendors, site, timelines, hence complete project management is what we offer to our esteemed clients to save their time and energy.

Ergonomics also plays an important role in designing a project as it makes the space utility wise more efficient. 

Being one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon, Ludhiana & Delhi, we take great pride in having developed more than 50 sites, each having its own character and design essence. 

If you are looking for interior designers in Gurgaon, Delhi or Ludhiana for an overall makeover or restructuring of your space, then you can book an appointment with us. It will be an easy process-

Drop a mail/give a call  -> Book an appointment -> Share your requirements with the team -> 

Approve an estimate for the services we offer -> Get us onboard


Bespoke Furniture


Some of us are minimalists, while the others like luxury and extravagance. This holds value for the furniture we own too. Some prefer wood and others, wrought iron or marble. We at Shreya Designs create different types of furniture and each piece of furniture serves a different purpose, but all of them are extremely functional, comfortable, attractive and importantly, designed and made especially for you.


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