Shahkar Rugs

We focus on delivering experiences that are immediately compelling, but endurably engaging. By embracing the interactivity of an online platform while taking into account the ubiquity of web  browsing, we create experiences tailored to individuals  wants.

​Whether we're manufacturing our own designed Rug, or working with traditional Carpet Brand to realize their creative vision within an interactive space, our knack for best quality Rug is what sets us apart.


We create something new without abandoning the fundamental principles of a good Rug. We puch the boundaries by understanding where they lie. Craft is that extra bit of polish, careful selection of Raw Material, or subtle particle effect that pulls you forward. It immediately catches your eye, drawing you deeper into the experience.

We blend design seamlessly with utility.


Shahkar Rugs
Shahkar Rugs
Bazar Sardar Khan,Chauri Road, Bhadohi,Uttar Pradesh 221401, India Bhadohi Uttar Pradesh 221401
+91 8960430890
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