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An uninterrupted power supply is an utmost need to continuously run home appliances and industrial machinery. Hi-tech EVs also require capacious batteries to support & empower e-mobility. A lithium-ion battery offers the best solution to effectively meet these requirements. This technically advanced battery proves the most essential device in a backup system to keep home appliances & office equipment functioning when a grid supply is unavailable. 

A lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery that is charged and discharged by lithium ions moving between the negative (anode) and positive (cathode) electrodes. It is also equipped with a smart BMS feature that prevents the threats of overcharging & overheating to ensure high durability. 

Lithium-ion batteries prove the most feasible solutions to use in automotive, solar energy systems, telecom, electronics, and other important industrial sectors. 

There are two variants of lithium-ion batteries available in the market. One is equipped with cylindrical cells and the second is available with prismatic cells. 

These rechargeable batteries prove more capable & efficient than their equivalents. A lithium-ion battery is a durable and high-energy-density solution. This technological advancement makes it an ideal option to use in EVs, solar power plants, home & office backup systems, etc.  

Servotech Power Systems
Servotech Power Systems
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