Polkom Button Company

Polkom Button Company ( known in Europe as Meo Buttons) , has a 2000 m² enclosed production facility, where manufacture and trade any and all types of buttons and accessories . We are outstanding in the button and accessories industry thanks to numerous international customers.
With 30 years of experience and highly qualified staff, Polkom Button ranks among the leading button manufacturers in Turkey.
We are leading the sector by offering a wide range of products and service quality in buttons of natural materials, especially in the corozo button (palm tree seed).
Products we manufacture of corozo, horn, mother of pearl, coconut, wood, and leather  and all types of metal buttons and accessories are continuously available in inventory in high amounts and varieties.

Polkom Button Company
Polkom Button Company
Çobançeşme mh. Kalender sk. no: 18, Istanbul, Turkey Kalender Istanbul 18
(+359) 876 76 6
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