Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd



Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a technology centric company which strives to manufacture top notch medical equipment to meet the needs of today?s radiotherapy and radiology centres. With an insight to provide complete and comprehensive solutions for cancer care, Panacea has a multi-faceted team of talented and dedicated engineers working round the clock to design and develop products in compliance to international standards. Panacea?s equipment is manufactured and produced to meet global standards, in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.




Cancer is a fatal disease caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells and in today’s scenario, cancer has become one of the most life-threatening diseases. The cancer epidemic continues to claim more than 8 million lives per year and this number is expected to steadily rise to an appalling number of 13 million deaths by 2030. Cancer is a swelling problem in the developing world which may be due to several reasons like lifestyle changes, pollution, obesity, lack of exercise etc. Lack of awareness coupled with the availability of limited resources puts the developing countries at a much greater risk. Recent developments in medical technology and improved treatment options like immunotherapy and radiotherapy have bettered the cancer survival rates. But the availability of these advanced treatment options is largely restricted to the patients living in developed countries, whereas the patients elsewhere continue to suffer due to dearth of treatment options in their countries. The global burden of cancer can be addressed by spreading awareness, promoting its early detection and widening the access to treatment options.


Panacea Medical Technologies was founded with an aim to improve global access to cancer care by providing high quality and affordable medical equipment to clinicians across the terrene. By working with premier research institutes in India like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (SAMEER), Panacea is always innovating and developing cutting edge technology. It’s products and solutions empower the clinicians to address the cancer care needs of every patient.




Panacea Medical Technologies is an ISO-13485:2016 certified and CE marked medical equipment manufacturer, pioneering state-of-art innovations and solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


We are a technology-based company with a team of proficient, purposeful and motivated engineers, with expertise in advanced medical equipment design, constantly at work to develop exemplary products. Our Research and Development center in Bengaluru is supported by the state of the art manufacturing facility.


Since inception, our product range has been expanding steadily, ensuring that the latest headways in technology are incorporated into developing highly sophisticated equipment. We strive to provide optimal solutions to the customer by understanding their requirements and incorporating it in to our continuous research as a part of our extensive R&D.


The lifetime cost of owning Panacea’s product is the most reasonable in today’s market, creating an advantage of maximum value for our esteemed customers. We have valued clinical partners in major government hospitals, medical colleges and private hospitals. We have responsibly not only abided by and met the regulatory requirement but have exceeded them, all this while serving our customers with utmost professionalism.




Today, Panacea’s 70+ Radiotherapy machines are commercialized in South & South- East Asia and East & West Africa which have helped their hospitals to treat over 150,000 cancer patients. Panacea’s much acclaimed flagship product Bhabhatron II, developed in collaboration with BARC (Mumbai), had been installed & deployed in several under and un-penetrated deep reach areas in the world for the benefit of middle and low-income populations. Bhabhatron, today, is considered as the pride of India, amongst IAEA member countries. The government of India has, in fact, proudly donated it to countries such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda and Kyrgyzstan. With installations in premier institutes across the globe, Panacea is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that every cancer patient has access to the best radiotherapy treatment.