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A digital house built for all, Padath Infotainment Pvt Ltd. is the leading digital agency specializing in target driven omni-channel solutions. Our team is a curious mix of entrepreneurs, designers, path breakers and sports fanatics all having nothing in common except for to zeal and love towards the possibilities of creating products,services utilized and loved by millions.Company has been established to support small businesses & start-ups who are tired of expensive, poor-quality service providers, who complete websites off budget and beyond deadlines. Our mission is very simple: create award winning, innovative & high quality websites for clients, that yield results. 


Each process is driven by sheer will and passion to excel and provide businesses holistic digital solutions focusing primarily on the processes.
Our work force is backed by technical expertise and creative articulation giving the businesses a platform to compete globally and earn rich rewards. Website designing or website development or ecommerce or mobile commerce, we have teams and strategies at place to deploy advanced technologies that will work wonders for our clients on larger framework.


Understanding Reasons for considering Resources outside of your organization​


In today’s fast moving world “time to delivery” becomes a key component for an executive evaluating the technological demands for the organization. Efficiently applied technology can address the increased demand for services, or the need to streamline a process to reduce costs.  The decision to move forward requires even more decisions.  Can our present IT staff handle the increased workload of a major project?  Do we have the necessary experience to define our requirements against the many options available? If we have to add staff, will these end up becoming long term additions to overhead?

If software or application development is not a major part of your organization’s mission, or your core function, Padath Infotainment Pvt Ltd provides a solution. Engage a fully experienced team that can bring superior technology, innovation and best practices to the project. You don’t have to recruit a team of highly experienced engineers to design the requirement and then hope they stay on to work on less challenging parts of code development. With Padath Infotainment Pvt Ltd  you have a whole cadre of highly experienced engineers, team of trained developers, and quality control analysts and trainers. We provide ongoing hosting, security and staff training. Your costs are known upfront, your timeline is defined.


Distinctions in the Padath Infotainment Process


The Padath Infotainment experience first begins with a conversation, not a proposal. Our Client Services Director begins with a conversation to understand your organization and its objectives. Our focus is less on “what” you want, and more on “why”? We will not begin the process with proposal development without an understanding of your purpose and expectation.

Your next conversation will be with a Senior Systems Architect to develop an understanding of the system requirements focused on your purpose. The Systems Architect will help you define your requirements keeping in mind both any legacy systems that may have to be integrated, and needs beyond the scope of the current project. You will be able to consider multiple options and move in the direction of the system that best serves your organization. This meeting will consider issues such as moving your system to cloud based operation, security and access from mobile applications. Part of the discussion will include the minimum system you can implement now and future enhancements.

If you decide to proceed, our Business Development Team will provide you with a detailed proposal, with estimated time lines.

On acceptance of the proposal, Padath Infotainment will assign a dedicated development team. If the scope of the project requires, we also assign a project lead or project manager. You will be able to monitor the progress of your project at various steps, Beta Testing and quality control, with the team. It is important that you are involved in the process.

Prior to implementation, our client services team will provide your staff with the necessary training, either onsite or utilizing webinars. Our purpose is to ensure that your team is using its software to its fullest extent.

A few months after the implementation, we will meet with you again, to ensure that your expectations were met, and present you with options for upgrades, ongoing maintenance and hosting if appropriate.

At Padath Infotainment our commitment is to make sure that the technology will work for you. From our first meeting to sign-off our purpose is to bring solutions to your challenges.



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Padath Infotainment Pvt Ltd
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