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MOHENDRA LAL DUTT, a farsighted and illustrious man, was a such a great personality who had set out the journey of his own umbrella manufacturing company in his own name as ''MOHENDRA LAL DUTT'' from 1882 which has completed 131 years of sucess and is still engaged in serving mankind for five generations.

Mr.MOHENDRA LAL DUTT was the pioneer in establishing the COMPANY in 1882.After his death in 1909, his wife, Radharani Devi a women without any qualification and only on the base of mental strength looked after the business till his worthy son BHAWANI CHARAN DUTTA took over the responsibility at such a young age just after passing the intermediate examination in 1st division in 1923 (in science), (His Intermediate examination certificate is attached here-beside) and gave the company reliability and a strong base for future fighting with the foreighn companies.

After his demise TUSHAR KANTI DUTT, the grandson of MOHENDRA LAL DUTT joined the family business. He is a man of great determination and intellegence and he sucessfully maintained it.

Being his son,VIVEKANANDA DUTTA the great grand son of MOHENDRA LAL DUTT and his son ARNAB DUTT the great grandsone of MOHENDRA LAL DUTT,is trying their best and with the help of modern technology,we will surely be on top with the distant goal of becoming INDIA'S largest manufacturer of umbrellas.with a superlative product line enforced with quality standards at a resonable price.

We make no compromise regarding the quality of our products,for the past 10 years,we have brought a lot of changes and at present along with new varities of umbrella, we even manufacturer bags and raincoats.

We do not sell umbrellas, we sell our culture along with it, we believe that MOHENDRA LAL DUTT is not only a business organisation, it is our humble homage to the nation.

MOHENDRA LAL DUTT was there earlier MOHENDRA LAL DUTT is very much now and will be there to serve the nation forever.

MLD Umbrella
MLD Umbrella
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