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Meliora Technologies is a leading Digital Marketing company  in Mumbai and Pune, and was started with the belief that customer centric solutions in the field of digital marketing can change the whole outlook of your business. We have an experienced team with expertise in various sub-domains in digital marketing specialized in SEO, SMO, PPC, website design . We make perfect blend of integrated marketing solution to cater your business need to reach and convert customers to final goal. Our work starts with requirement, analysis till implementation and monitoring. This secured us among the top position in internet marketing niche.


We practice only white hat optimization methods. Meliora technologies strictly doesn’t entertain black-hat SEO methods like keyword stuffing, search engine cloaking, duplicate pages, blog spamming, buying paid links, and cookie dropping. All these might give an illusion of higher ranking, but the search engines are getting smart and if found the site is penalized harming your online reputation badly.


We also check that the content is fresh and unique as it is possible for the search engine algorithms to detect plagiarism.


Meliora technologies being one of the digital marketing company in pune , works genuinely and has the knowledge of best and latest SEO practices.


High production capacity & quality


Our technical team in Pune India offer a level of knowledge and competence that you just can’t get anywhere else on the market today. Because of these skills, we can always guarantee top notch services at reasonable prices.


We focus on business advantages & goals​


We have advanced SEO knowledge and understand the technological aspects required to achieve optimal results. However, using the technique is not the goal; rather it’s a tool to create real business opportunities for our clients. This also helps us provide high ROI.


Each client gets a custom package​


We do not provide packaged deals as they do not work! Each project is assigned to one specific team, which involve project managers and specialists in on-page, off-page, content, strategy and analysis.


Make data-driven decisions​

As our services are measureable, you are enabled to make data-driven decisions to improve your company’s performance and reach. This also leaves a long-lasting impact on business performance in the form of increased brand awareness and presence online.


What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?


  • Search engine optimization or SEO is process of getting your website on top of search engines like Google, Bing,  Yahoo etc. SEO is one of the best and popular ways to get traffic which converts into leads and then into business. Its organic way of generating business.

What sort of results can be expected out of the SEO campaign?


  • In SEO we normally have keywords. Keywords are nothing but phrases used by searchers on search engines. We do optimization for the keywords to make them rank on search engines. One of the ways to measure is your website will be ranking on top. And other way to measure is your get traffic and leads. This in fact turns into business.

For how much time do I need to invest on SEO?


  • SEO is a long term process and basically takes lot of time to generate results. On an average it can take anywhere between 3 month – 6 months of time. The reason we take this much time is we need to follow white hat techniques. White hat techniques search engines like Google has different ranking parameters and guidelines. We need to make sure we follow this guidelines without fail. Google has different types of algorithms which keeps crawling our website on a regular basis to provide better experience to users.


What should I expect after investing money and time for six months?

  • Here are few the things your can expect in 6 months. Our main aim is to bring business to your company. This is the cost effective way to generate business.


    1. Ranking improvement
    2. Increase in Organic Traffic
    3. Leads
    4. Brand Presence on Search results
    5. Conversions

What should I expect after investing money and time for six months?


  • Here are few the things your can expect in 6 months. Our main aim is to bring business to your company. This is the cost effective way to generate business.


    1. Ranking improvement
    2. Increase in Organic Traffic
    3. Leads
    4. Brand Presence on Search results
    5. Conversions

What will be the process after I sign up ?


Before signing up we do initial SEO audit to find out if there are any SEO related problems which is effecting your ranking. Once you sign up we take the credentials for this project and fix the website issues. After the initial audit is fixed we do one more deep audit to find out deeper SEO problems and start with On page optmization. This will normally take 15 days to one month based on the complication. Once we finish on-page optimzation we will start off-page optimization. Off-age optmization is nothing but building backlinks. Backlinks are links which will be liked to our website from external websites. Backlinks includes local directory submissions, bookmarking, video submission, photo submission, pdf submission, article submission and blog submission. After this process is started you will start seeing the improvement in search rankings.


Do I need to sign any contract with your SEO company?


  • Yes normally working with any SEO companies in Pune signing a contract is very important. This benefits not only the client but agency as well in terms of achieving the results. There should be goal that needs to be set and the duration it takes to achieve the goals. Without a solid contract the goals will not be clear and this leads to dissatisfaction from the client side. In contract you need to ask any SEO agency you work with to give the goals that can be achieved with a timeline.

Is there any guarantee of results?


  • No agency in this world can give you 100 percent assurance however you can check if there is improvement. Normally seo agency will give you what can you expect out of seo based on this you can check if this will make a sense to your business. So there can be goals which can be set and be achieved. To an extent certain projects can be given with assurance in results.


Is your work in-line with the latest updates of Google algorithms?


  • Yes of-course because Google as become too smart. Google is now running rank brain which is real time algorithm to give the best user experience to Google searchers. Although Google have different algorithms which works on a regular basis which check the quality of the website. And coming back yes we follow all the latest algorithm updates. For example we rank on first page for all the SEO related keywords in Pune. (SEO companies in Pune, SEO company in Pune. seo agency in Pune, seo agencies in Pune etc.)

What is SMO?


  • SMO means social media optimization. This is one of the channels of digital marketing. In this we post creatives, videos, contests on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest etc. This is organic way of promoting in social media. This is now not an effective way of promoting since these channels wants you to spend money and use their platforms for advertising.


Will my website always stay on the top ranking once you have optimized it?


  • SEO is not one time task. Its a regular task which needs to be done on a regular basis. Once you stop doing seo it might be ranking for few days but later your competitors might come ahead of you because they might be improving their domain authority and optimising better than your website. SEO is a long term investment. So its never a one time investment. 


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