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In spite of huge contribution towards employment, industrial production and exports, the MSME sector continues to operate at a sub-optimal level and performs below its potential due to its low traction with media and policy makers on the one hand, and,its weak or negligible linkages with knowledge sources on the other. One of the prime reasons for the current situation is absence of appropriate structure and capacity among MSMEs to organize and distribute knowledge on both demand and supply side.Media is ears and eyes of governance and administration in democracies. Because of scant media presence, MSMEs' disconnect with the government and the knowledge institutions has only widened. It has had serious consequences.
Govt.-MSME chasm results into Poor policy formulation, delayed and ineffective response and reduced competitiveness of the sector. Secondly, the lack of interaction between MSMEs and knowledge resources constricts their abilities to innovate and compete.

KNN India
KNN India
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