Define Filtration Inc.



Established in 2012Define Filtration Inc an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company is appreciated globally for its premium quality Oxygen Gas Filter Housings, Bag Filter Housings, PP Pleated Cartridges, PP Bag Vessel Assembly, Pleated Dust Collection Bags, etc. From its headquarters in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) India, today, the company is confidently meeting requirements of a large customers hailing from different industries. As a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter  of these aforesaid filtration solutions, we have been showing engineering approach and excellence. Our range of products and variation designed with modern technologies has come to provide high grade when it comes to quality, performance and innovation. We have highly skilled engineers who design and manufacture our products as per the need of our clients.

Our Mission

Simple mission statement - The designed products which must be cost effective and stability, dependability, eco friendliness and durability.

Why Us?

Competitive Advantages

Our unconventional solutions, along with our wide globally spread shipment network and fair work ethics, make Define Filtration Inc a strong benchmarks of success from the competition. We are built on the foundation of strengths which makes us leaders over our competitors. These advantages include:

Market Leader

We have leading positionsin global markets, and a notable majority of our product sales are in segments in which we are considered as leader.


Among filtration solutions, Define Filtration Inc. has kept strongest position. Our products are outstanding performance and is distinguish with reliability, accuracy and innovation. Our clients comeback to us for most critical needs such as productivity, cost savings, regulatory compliance and product quality.


We are known for innovation to enhance customer processes. This capability arises from our customers by understanding their processes, we invest more on research and development, our manufacturing expertise in filtration solutions and our strength.

Our Sales Network

We have strongest global sales and service organizations in filtration solutions. This geographic coverage allows us to participate in all major markets, including the emerging markets. The local focus of our network enables us to provide timely, support to our clients who provides us with thveir aluable feedback for our manufactured product.

Quality Assurance 

Uncompromising quality testing is done at every manufactured stage to provide the best in terms of performance, design and durability. We have gained large expertise in the past years by offering value added product range to different industrial verticals of global market. The complete range of products is passed through international inspections carried out by our quality testing team to meet international standards and norms. In addition, the products are packed in quality materials for complete safety.

Products Portfolio

We are highly focused with global quality standards towards manufacturing, supplying and exporting a range of the following:-


  • Filter Housings
    • SS Filter Housings
    • Bag Filter Housings
    • Transparent Molded Filter Housings
    • Multi Round Filter Housings
    • Cartridge Filter Housings
    • Bag Filter Housings
    • Basket Filter Housings
    • Standard PP Housings
    • PP Fabricated Filter Housings
  • Gas Filters
    • Oxygen Gas Filter Housings
    • Nitrogen Gas Filter Housings
    • CNG and LPG Gas Filter Housings
    • Gas Filter Housings
    • H2S Gas Filter Housings
    • Natural Gas Filter Housings
  • Polypropylene Filter Housings
    • Opaque Filter Housings
    • PP Transparent SAN Molded Filter Housings
    • PP Molded Filter Housings
    • PP Molded Blue Black Filter Housings
    • PP Fabricated Filter Housings
  • Pleated Filter Elements
    • Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges
    • PP Pleated Cartridges
    • PU Molded Pleated Bags
    • Pleated Filters
  • Air Filters
    • Air Compressor Filters
    • Panel Filters
    • Compressed Air Filters
    • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters
  • Wire Mesh Filter Elements
    • SS Wire Mesh Filter Elements
    • Aeronautics Wire Mesh Filter Elements
    • Hydraulic Wire Mesh Filter Elements
  • Oil Filters Cartridges
    • Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filters
    • Hydraulic Oil Filters
    • SS Bag Filter Housings
  • Dust Collectors
    • Dust Collection Conventional Bags
    • Pleated Dust Collection Bags
    • Dust Collector Bags
  • PP Filter Cartridges
    • PP Wound Filter Cartridges
    • PP Spun Filter Cartridges
  • Bag Filter Assembly
    • PP Bag Filter Assembly
    • PP Bag Vessel Assembly
  • Cartridge Filter Housings
    • Cartridge Housings
  • Basket Filter Strainers
    • Basket Filter Housings
  • SS Filter Housings
    • Industrial Filter Systems
  • HEPA Filters
    • HEPA Filters for Hospitals
  • SS Filter Cartridges
    • Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges
  • Carbon Filter Cartridges
  • Pocket Filters
  • Multi Bag Filter Systems
  • Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridges
  • PTFE Filter Cartridges
  • Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges
  • Multi Cartridge Filter Systems
  • Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges
  • Liquid Filter Bags
  • Cartridge Filter Systems
  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters


Our Team

The proper coordination among our diligent professionals have made us the fastest growing company in the domain. With the consolidated efforts by them, Various hurdleswe we have successfully crossed  that has come in between us and our vision. Our professionals are very proactive by attending our customers with their queries and feedback. This gives us in providing better quality and high utility products to our clients. Our team comprises:


  • Mechanical engineers
  • Designers
  • Quality controllers
  • Technocrats



Reach Us


Mr. Deepak Kushwah (CEO)

Phone : +919924228951


B-1, Shivalya Apartment, Near Hariom Society, Near Cadila Bridge, Ghodasar
Ahmedabad- 380050, Gujarat, India