Cozy Coir

Cozy Coir/Cozy Mattresses was established by Shri Bharat Bhushan in the year 1989. We manufacture a wide range of products including our renowned Coir Mattresses, Cushions, Pillows, Coir Sheets, Coir Molded Sheets, Carpet Underlays & much more! 

Our products are ISI marked with BIS speciļ¬cations. All of our products are manufactured using the latest technology and machinery which enables us to produce the quality products that last you a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on having a stellar track record with over 30 years of customer satisfaction and superior service delivered to individuals around the country. We have supplied mattresses and other coir products to many Institutional and hospitality industries, including leading names from many verticals. We are also registered with NSIC. In the last 2 decades,we have consolidated our position in Mattresses & home comfort products, and are currently the top choice of many who are looking for a durable & comfortable mattress or related product.

Cozy Coir
Cozy Coir
246/3B Nangli Sakrawati, New Delhi - 110043 New Delhi Delhi 110043
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