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Established in 2009, Apple Seeds Pre School in Faridabad is determined to provide a learning platform to children so that they grow to their true potential. Children are taught using Play way and Montessori way of teaching. Kids at Play school are given the opportunity to bring out their own creativity while doing their class activities. Teachers are loving and affectionate towards children.


Appreciation is a key to success, this magic wand of Appreciation is used by the teachers to push the kids in nursery school in Faridabad for performing better each time. Students are given exposure of the stage frequently to increase their confidence and social skills.


We at Apple Seeds Play School believe to bring the children more close to the learning environment, for this we take the children outside the school premises for Educational Field Trips.


Activity rooms allow children to choose their own choice of equipments and aids like books, blocks, puppets, music, pegboards, role play models and puzzles. Multi Sensorial learning is introduced to provide a better learning experience to the students. Kids at Playschool in Neharpar take pleasure in Swings, Slides and Rides.


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Apple Seed
Apple Seed
House No 899, Sector 21 Faridabad Delhi 121001
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