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Vidarbha Plastics Co


We specialize in manufacture of various types of gears viz. internal, external, spur & helical gears, rack & pinion, worm & worm wheel in a variety of modules and in required polymers. These are produced with guaranteed OD, PCD, RD concentricity, face run out up to 0.1mm or as desired by customer and driven by the application. Accuracy & consistency of machined gears is maintained in the molded parts.
Presently we manufacture parts of Wiper Motor & Windshield Washer Unit & Stabilizer jack. Can take up development of other automotive parts.
We manufacture & supply a variety of parts to leading fan manufacturers in India, Starting from dimensionally critical parts such as gears, pinions, mounting bracket, Swivel Plate, Oscillation mechanism Parts to decorative parts such as Show Rings, Guard labels, Guard Ring, Switch Plate/Box, Bottom Plate, Oscillation Knob for TPW fans, Body & Canopy Ring, Blade Ornament etc with different decorative finishes.
  We do Manufacture customized Enclosures / Cases / Housings / Boxes / Trays and other inner and outer parts of various sizes and material for various Electronic Instruments and Devices.
We do Manufacture wide range of Customized Plastic Parts for various Machines such as Blower / Hand Drill / Portable Grinder / Cutter etc.
Insert Moulded Parts
We also undertake manufacturing of gift articles.
We undertake mould manufacturing for specific customer requirements. The die steel options are P20 / Hot Die Steel / Stavax or other as desired. The moulds carry an assurance of good life, backed by timely delivery at competitive price.
We provide a variety of post molding, surface decorating finish by way of Chrome Plating, Metallizing, Spray Painting, Cubic Coating, Hot Foiling on most of the polymers & even on M.S./Aluminium. Finishes such as Silver, Golden, Wooden, Marble, Granite, Floral designs & any other kind can be imparted which pass the adhesion tape test, salt spray test and relative humidity test.

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