An Introduction

Saffron Electrical & Enterprises is a sole proprietorship that engages in Electrical projects include anything from commercial and residential building to industrial electrical systems. Safety is of utmost importance in our sector. We take employee protection and workplace safety very seriously.Our team has received extensive training in the most modern construction, electrical, and industrial projects.

We are large turnkey projects connected to the electrical and instrumentation fields that we are engaged in as government licenced electrical contractors. From H T./L.T., electrical installation, erection, to panel fabrication, maintenance, repairs, etc., we handle electrical work. We prioritise our customers' satisfaction as our first priority, which is why we developed customer-driven strategies. Every task is completed using methods that meet standards for industrial quality. While developing the products and putting any success strategies into action, we also consider suggestions and criticism provided by the customers. We are able to gain more prestigious goodwill in the business area thanks to our fantastic customer system.

Our company's Proprietor Mr. Amit Panchal. He has rich modern experience and ability to handle all the business exercises in methodical way. His cheerful outlook on life inspires people to work diligently and with all their might.Because of his perfection and enthusiasm for every industry, he is ideal for all personnel.

Why Us?

Our company has a cutting-edge production facility and a quality unit to ensure that the projects is easy and hassle-free. Our motivated and knowledgeable workforce takes full use of this infrastructure and enables us to compete with other leading players in the industry. In addition, our company maintains transparency in its business dealings, which gives it credibility in the eyes of our clients. Some of the elements that set us apart from competitors in our industry are:

  • Timely completion of the project
  • Total quality assurance
  • Large emphasis on production equipment
  • Competitive pricing

Our Vision

We'll create a collaborative environment with the most skilled and in-demand specialists and artisans in the industrial building industry.

Our Mission

Saffron Electrical & Enterprises is dedicated to being the industry leader in safety innovations, employee training, and client satisfaction as one of the best electrical contractors in the country. 

Our Team

The rapid growth that our firm has experienced in such a short amount of time is entirely attributable to the creative work styles of our capable team members. Engineers, technicians, and other experts that are part of our team are highly qualified, well-educated, and committed to finishing any organisational assignment on time and without fail. We care about their personal and professional development since they are our greatest asset.

Our Quality

The goal of Saffron Electrical & Enterprises. is to exceed customers' expectations by putting ideas into action and improving the services provided. The expectation is complete customer satisfaction, which is attained through offering exceptional service and keeping project deadlines.



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