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Business Procedure (Fresh Order)
​Procedure for Fresh Order:
01. At first buyer will provide the following information's to the manufacturer:
a. Product Name.
b. Measurement sheet.
c. Sketch Sheet.
d. Size.
e. Color.
f. Fabrics Description.
g. accessories.
h. Packing.


Business Procedure (Stock Lot)

Procedure for Stock Lot:

01. At first we would be glad to know which product is in your requirement list.

02. We'll send your required product sample from our stock lot display center with picture and all documents.

03. For Stock Lot we need spot decision. We'll just give you mail & you first confirm the goods or if you refuse, then please reply as soon as possible. But if yes or no, whatever, we need first, spot decision.

04. Regarding price, we just collect stock lot directly from factory by our sourcing department & sends mail to stock buyer. Even we offer factory price directly to the buyer. But if buyer offers another lower price, we just forward that price directly to the factory. That means Buyer knows the factory price & seller knows the buyer price.

05. When goods & price is confirmed by buyer, then we send samples of selected goods by buyer's cost. In that case we need buyer's DHL or FEDEX account no.

06. Upon receive Confirm Telegraphic Transfer Manufacturer will make our shipment.

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