A series of fortunate events began when a young boy went overseas with many dreams in his eyes and utter passion in his heart to become the best version of himself. The young boy had the privilege of studying in one of the best institutions in Spain, EADA Business School. After spending much time there, he reckoned people living there have a penchant for simple and slow fashion while also having a keen affection for Indian handicraft. Nimit Singhi, the young boy, finally returned to his homeland

Live Linen is a slow fashion brand with sustainable thoughts and 100% European Linen, that is conscious about preserving and protecting the earth. Live Linen holds a special place in its heart for the cultural and traditional craftworks and our artisans come at the top.

Our Mission

We desire to expand into a leading luxury brand with a one-stop shop for the Linen Product Line. We are establishing the foundation for a slow-placed, personalized style and reviving them. We aspire to stand among the most prominent home and fashion brands in India and the world.

Our Process

The journey of a gorgeous textile from flax to fabric is quite invigorating, and so is the entire experience of bringing memorialized clothing and home furnishings blended with 100% European Linen. If you're wondering where we get our lovely linen from, read on

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