An Introduction




Rexine /Artificial Leather Manufactures / Suppliers in India


Knitwell Industries is one of the famous brands in serving the nation with the high quality of Rexine, PVC Cloth, Artificial Leather all across India. The company has become the number one reside manufacturer, supplier, traders and exporter company in India. The Rexine products manufactured by them are highly in use for various residential and commercial purposes.


Rexine or Artificial Leather is the most prominent substitute of the original leather which is quite costly and cannot be afforded by everyone. Knitwell Industries has been trying hard to offer the best quality of refine meeting the needs of original leather without increasing the cost. This simply means one may buy and cater the market demands with using Artificial Leather in place of original leather.


Knitwell industries have completed almost 36 years successfully under the guidance of Mr. Kailash Gulati, Director of the Company. With having foreseeing eyes, competent staff, and latest machinery, the Company is able to deliver the high quality and sophisticated Rexine Products at competitive pricing at this cutting-edge competitions. The company follow the market trend and always keep the products updated with using right texture, colors, applications and raw material. Customer Feedback is our true inspirations and we always thrive to serve better and better.


Not only in India, Knitwell industries serving hard to meet the compliances of worldwide. Continuous Research is the base of Best quality and trendy products and that's what we believe upon. To bring out the best, Our Staff Members roam around the world, records the market demands and renders the attractive & Innovative Rexine or Artificial Leather in India in a variety of textures, Colours & Fabrics. Not only for the residential clients, We are offering our products to various corporate clients related to Real Estate Sector, Automotive industry. Architecture & Interior designers, Airlines, Fashion, Furniture and Travel Companies.


To build the best, high quality of raw material is used and processed under the inspection of Rexine Expert. The Motto of the Knitwell Industries is to deliver the best of the Rexine or Artificial leather products at economical pricing without cutting the qualities.


Uses os Rexine or Artificial leather in India:-


  • Fashion Industry:- Rexine has a great role to play in the fashion industry as it is used to designs various fashionable products for male, females, and kids such as Footwears, dress, Jackets, Belts, Wallets, Bags, Hand Purses, Laptop Bags, and other Matching Industries. Refine has become the best substitute for Original leather in terms of quality, care, prices, and usage.
  • Furnishing & Interior: Be it residential or Commercial needs, Rexine or Artificial Leather are being used to design various furniture items such as Sofas, Dining Chairs, Office Chairs, Wallpapers, Imported Tiles and much more. One can see the interior designers and architectures using the products to design the living place and working offices. It gives extensive look and cozy style.
  • Automotive Industry: Designers Car Seats, Gear Covers, Seat Covers, Automotive parts are highly developed with using high-quality Rexine or Artificial Leather.


With having prodigious merits, It has become the symbol of beauty, decoration, and Art of Living. It is being replaced as the colorful fabric as Rexine or artificial Leather is now available in different colors and fabric.