Behind the name of Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt Ltd. lies the vision of our founder Shri Manharlal H Maniar, who started an engineering unit back in 1978 with merely a couple of products to fabricate. With sheer hard work and constant focus of their goals they set the foundation pillars for Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt Ltd. They believed in hardwork is the only key to success and soon their son; Jaykrishna M Maniar joined this Institution in 1994 with a vision to revolutionise the entire separation tech industry & went to work right off the bat by bringing new technologies that were unavailable in the entire country.

After that the ship just took off and more than 30 products were launched for all types of purposes like material screening machines, sorting belts and conveyors, material detection  machines & all of those require special methods and fundamentals. But

The Development of “Eddy Current Separator” was a gigantic breakthrough in the separation technology, & with international standards of quality kept, our company now has now over 40 types of products that are used in almost every industry for screening and separation purposes and we are always keep a learning mindset and down-to-earth attitude to serve our clients most efficiently. We continue to aspire in the footsteps of our founders and always remember their sayings to work with the most passion.

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