Best Cast are specialist and are leaders in manufacturing aluminium gravity die casting and gravity die casting products. We manufacture products like Automobile Components, General Engineering and Electrical Components. Best Cast are responsible for some of the best manufacturing products in the country. A combination of skill and necessity made us to build aluminium and gravity die casting foundries to achieve a better place in the market.

We offer a flexible and diverse manufacturing process, drawing on knowledge and experience developed over a period since 1974 and now we are the leaders in manufacturing aluminium and gravity die casting products in the country.

We also offer a unique supply of castings according to individual requirements and supplied the products within a short period.
Over the years the company has produced a wide range of products in the industry which includes:

  • Cylinder Heads
  • Crank Case
  • Adaptor Hags
  • Conveyor Hags
  • Pump Torque Converter
  • Actuator Housings
  • Actuator Cylinder
  • Circuit Breaker Components

As professional founders we are proud to say that this list is endless and our ability to produce quality casting products is boundless. We have answers for all the casting requirements with high quality standards.

Best Cast is poised to become the leading manufacturer of exclusive aluminium Die Casting having reputation for excellent quality, in terms of dimensional accuracy, reliability and delivery schedule. Best cast, being customer oriented, provides total service integrating the highest level of precision.

The Automobile & Engineering Sector in India is booming and growing at a phenomenal rate. Best Cast, initiated by a vision and nurtured by technology, has over 500 different products manufactured by our factory located in Chennai. Manufacturing critical products like automobile engineering and engineering components for Indian industry. The brand name, Best Cast, is synonymous with the generic products. The premium position Best Cast holds today in the Industry is direct consequence of our ability to foresee challenges and strive forward through continuous improvement of quality, cost management, consistent responsiveness to customers’ needs, strategic innovation and total commitment to human relationships.

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