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Victory Soaps And Cosmetics Pvt.Ltd

Manufacture Of Toilet Soaps | Laundry Soaps | Liquid Soaps | Detergents Victory Soaps Established In Calicut Is Blessed With The Leadership Of Mooladath Mohammed Haji, Who Founded The Unit With 40 Years Of Vast Experience In Soap Industry. He Was Very Resourceful And The First Man Who Introduced The Latest Soap Manufacturing Techniques In Small Scale Soap Industry In South India. The Company Is Headed By Mr. B.p. Sidheque Haji A Very Resourceful Industrialist And His Son Mr. M. Muhammed Mihraj. Victory Soaps And Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., The Second Production Unit Of Victory Soaps, Situated In Kinfra Industries Park, Wayanad District, In Kerala. The Company Can Produce All Types Of Laundry Soaps / Toilet Soaps / Liquid Soaps / Detergent Powder . The Company Produces Best Quality Soaps By Saponification Of Vegetable Oils And Fats, Into Vaccum Spray – Drying – Plodding Process And Also Cooling Process With Production Capacity Upto 1500 Mt Per Month. And Also Having The Storage And Handling Facility Of More Than 1000 Metric Tons Of Base Stocks Like Vegetable Oils, Fats, Fatty Acids, Chemicals Etc… Toilet Soap We Have The Production Capability To Make About 500 Mt Of Toilet Soaps And Beauty Soaps Per Month With Soap Saponification Cum Plodding Process Liquid Soap Able To Manufacture For All Types Of Liquid Soap, Liquid Dish Wash, Liquid Hand Wash With Capacity 250 Mt Per Month Detergent We Have The Production Capability To Make About 500 Mt Of Deteregnt Powder With All Types Of Formulation Laundry Soap We Are One Of The Leading Manufacturer Of All Kind Of Laundry Soaps In Northern Kerala, Having 1500 Mt Per Month Production Capacity With Soap Saponification – Vaccum – Spray – Drying Method And Also Cooling Method Victory Thousand Washing Soap Victory Thousand Washing Soap Launched In 1997, And One Of The Leading Laundry Soap Brand In Northern Kerala Market. This Is A Supreme Quality Product, Cream Yellow Color And Available In 1000g And 500g Bars. Excellent Fresh Perfume Retention After Washing The Garments Is The Best Quality Of This Soap Miss Lime Miss Lime Is A Prestige Cleaning Brand And High Quality Laundry Soap, Deteregnt Powder And Dish Wash Liquid. Lime Is The Most Common Fruit Using In Health, And Household Cleaning Uses. Miss Lime Laundry Soap Availbale In Natural Lime Color And Perfume In 1000g / 150g Bars Miss Lime Detergent Powder Available In 120g / 500g / 1000g Packing Miss Lime Liquid Dish Wash Available In 220ml Orange Orange Laundry Soap Is A Premium Quality Laundry Soap Available In White And Orange Color Apperance With Natural Orange Fragrance. Packing Available 140g / 400g / 700g Kilo Victory Kilo Is A Standard Quality Laundry Soap And Detergent Powder. Only Little Amount Of This Product Required To Wash Large Quantities Of Clothes. Packing : Kilo Laundry Soap 1000g Bar / Kilo Detergent Powder 5kg And10kg Bulk Bucket Packing Dr Clean Dr Clean Is Our Trade Name For A Line Of Hygiene Products. Our Comprehensive Range Of Products Are Anti Bacterial, Cleanse And Protect Your Skin For Healthy Hands And Body. Products Available Are: Dr Clean Luandry Soap Bar 200g / 500g / 1000g Dr Clean Detergent Powder 120g / 500g / 1000g Dr Clean Hand Wash Liquid 220ml Dr Soap Dr Soap Is An Anti Bacterial Skin Care Toilet Soap And Hand Wash Liquid. Dr Soap Is One Of The Trusted Brand Name In Health – Hygienic Products Market Segment. Dr Soap Toilet Soap And Hand Wash Helps Prevent Dryness Related Skin Conditions And Makes Skin Smooth, Supple And Healthy. Products Available: Dr Soap Toilet Soap 100g / 150g Dr Soap Hand Wash 220ml

Address: Victory Soaps & Cosmetics Pvt.ltd.,kinfra Park,mysore Road,chundale P.o Wayanad, Kerala, 673123
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