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Welcome to Meridian Ice Creams - The Real Indian Test


Meridian Ice-creams takes pride in serving the best quality ice-creams, rich with pure milk and milk fats. We have been in this business since 1999 and our commitment to offer high quality and rich ice-creams have been intact as ever. We have been agile in responding to market dynamics and we have continuously improved ourselves – be it the range of flavours or health-conscious varieties or our servicing levels. Our perseverance has paid us off well and today we can proudly say that we are one of the best ice-cream makers in Pune area testimony to which is our high profile clients and market’s overwhelming response.


Our ice-creams are dairy made, not frozen dessert. We are committed to make best quality product made from real milk and milk fats rather than using vegetable oil. Be it hygiene or purity or richness or freshness, we never compromise and this steadfast commitment positions us distinctly among our competitors.


Counted among the most admired ice-cream brands in Pune, Meridian Ice-creams provides the largest range of products – Cones, Bars, Kulfi, Casatta, Sundae and Bulk packs – available in variety of flavours. Along with regular rich ice-creams, health conscious customers also relish our No Sugar Added and Natural Fresh offerings. These ice-creams are 100% free from artificial flavours, chemical colours etc. and are low in calorie yet high in nutritional value. We have expertise in making premium Indian flavours like Sitafal, Tender Coconut, Real Alphonso, Chikoo, Litchi etc. We do offer delicious freshly prepared sundaes adorned with fresh cream, caramel topping, fresh fruits and nuts as and when desired.


Primarily we operate in franchise-parlour model and we are present all across Pune through 13 such joints. Additionally, we do supply our products to host of reputed vendors and 5-star hotels. In a short span of time and highly competitive market, we take pride in disclosing that we capture a large market share and thus establishing ourselves as a coveted ice-cream brand in Pune among several local and national brands.


Meridian Ice-creams set its foot in Pune in 1999 and since then we have been improving ourselves – quality wise as well as market-share wise. Responding to health-conscious customers demand, we introduced our No Added Sugar variant in 2006. Our Another Natural Fresh offering enriched with local flavours introduced in 2010 helped us position among the industry leaders.


We thank all our esteemed customers for acknowledging our quality offerings and endorsing for our brand.





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