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Kumpenny Solutions is one of the leading outsourcing Company. We are a Hub for all your  localization services. These Services include Language Translation Service, Audio Transcription Service, Voice-Over Service, Interpretation Service, Subtitling Service, Video Editing, DTP, etc. We have a good amount of experience in serving these services. As we have served more than 500+ clients in our journey.

  Kumpenny Solutions came into incorporation from 2015, since then we are into this business delivering the right solutions to the clients. We have our in-house team who are specialised in their respective services and also we outsource our service. We render our service in all Indian as well as foreign languages. We serve our services beyond our national boundaries.


   Our Process:-


  Every project has its own process depending upon the requirement of the clients. We at Kumpenny Solutions make sure that the projects go under the Quality Check Process. As we don’t use machines for translation, Transcription services. It is performed by specialized translators and transcribers. As the work is done through human translators, there is a need for a Quality Check Process. In Human Translation, there may be chances of mistakes which can be rectified and cleared by our Quality Check Team. This process assures us 99% accuracy in our work within the given Turn Around Time (TAT) limit.
This process makes the client rely on us, they return to us for any other requirement and we happily serve the service at a nominal price to our loyal clients.



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Translation Service In India. 



Brief On Translation Service :  


Today the world has come together because of Globalization in the market. Now Businesses from one country can trade with any countries beyond the national limits. But when trading with other countries, there are many barriers which come into our ways, of which languages is one of the major barriers. There are around 6400 languages spoken around the world, so it is difficult for one to know each of these languages.

   Here comes language translation which acts as a bridge to fill the language barrier gap between the companies. These providers help the businesses in translating the documents and other aspects into the language known by other business partners. Businesses also need Interpretation services to interpret in the conference meeting between the two. So Businesses go in search for these service providers in their country.

  In India, Kumpenny Solutions is one of the leading service providers who can help you with all your requirements all over the globe. Kumpenny Solutions will give you a whole package of services like Language Translation, Audio Transcription, Subtitling, Interpretation, Voice – over and Film Dubbing Services.

In Translation Service there are different types of translation service which include the following services:



Legal Translation Services:



 Legal Translation Service is translating legal

documents. In Kumpenny Solutions, we fully understand the importance and intricacies associated with legal documentation and translation. In order to help our clients achieve optimum satisfaction, our team consists of proficient language experts with a solid legal background. We do Translation in all Indian and Foreign Language.


  We handle all legal documents with utmost precision in order to prevent the possibility of error.




   Technical Translation:


Technical Translation Services comprises of plenty of complex content which does not merely need to be translated but simplifies as well for the readers. Through experts in technical translation, we have successfully met our client’s requirements and also intend to continue doing so.

We have well qualified and experienced technical experts in Electrical, Electronic, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical Engineers to handle technical translation. 




   Video Translation:



Apart from the above, we also do video translation services. Video Translation services is a complex process, normally require an entire team of language audio and video experts to turn your footage into a video suitable for multilingual audiences. The video translation service process starts with transcription.


  Our team of professional transcribers will produce a video transcript of exceptional quality. Everything is done 100% by people to maintain our quality standards.


  The video translator then uses the transcript to translate your content into the language of our choice. We hire only professional trained linguists who love what they do. 


  Within a span of five years, we have become one of the emerging providers of language services in Mumbai. We at Kumpenny Solutions are now the one-stop solutions for Translation Services, Audio Transcription Services, Subtitling, Video Translation Services, Video Editing Services, DTP Services, Voice Over Services, Dubbing Services and Interpretation Services.




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