An Introduction


We are an integrated Moringa company that deals with managing Moringa farms to manufacturing value added Moringa range of products. We export Organic Moringa leaf powder to more than 20 countries worldwide. Most of the leading nutraceutical brands have been using Grenera Moringa leaf powder in their formulations. Grenera Moringa farms and factory are situated in the Southern part of India, miles away from traffic congestions and polluting industries. We work with hundreds of small farmers and have formed a Fair trade society to cultivate the world best quality Moringa in the sub tropical region. We have a complete transparent supply chain. All our products can be traced back to the farm where it originated. We offer the best quality Organic Moringa products directly from the source. Thanks for visiting our website to learn about Grenera Moringa products and farms.



Grenera Nutrients is a pioneer in promoting the Moringa herb to the world. Our strategic location in the Southern part of India, at the foot hills of Western Ghats is a strategic advantage for us. This region is considered the best region in the world to grow Moringa due to its soil and climatic conditions. Moringa thrives wells in the red soil that is native to this region. That is the secret behind the ample nutrients present in the Moringa leaves.


Grenera Organic Moringa farms are located within 2 hours driving distance of our factory premises. This helps us to process the Moringa leaves in very short time. This means the fresh Moringa leaves from the farms is converted into Moringa powder in maximum 4 hours of time. This is also one of the reasons behind the fresh nesses of the Grenera Organic Moringa powder.


Grenera Moringa processing facility has all quality certifications including ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP, Organic, Kosher and Halal. We have a well equipped quality control laboratory to ensure that we offer the safest possible products to our customers.





Health Suggestions of Moringa Oleifera Capsule


Our firm is a leading manufacturer and exporter of moringa products. Among the variety of products available moringa olifera leaf powder attracts more number of customers because of its outstanding quality and retained natural nutitional content. We have acres of own moringa farms to serve best for the customers. Customers who are not ok with the raw taste of moringa go for the moringa capsules to indulge the bestowed nutrients of moringa leaves.



Benefits of 100% Natural Moringa Dried Leaves


We are known as a prominent Moringa Dried Leaves Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in India. The Moringa Dried Leaves have rich content of Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Iron, and antioxidants. Our Moringa Dried Leaves are carefully selected and cleaned to ensure their high quality.We offer superior quality Moringa Leaves Dried which are certified 100% organic. The leaves are derived from the plants cultivated in organic manner and possess high nutritional values.



Making of Grenera Moringa Oil


Grenera Nutrients Private Limited is a Pioneer Manufacturer of Moringa Oil.Moringa Oil is also known as Behen Oil and has in it high concentration of behenic acid (a saturated fat which is highly moisturizing to skin and hair).



Natural Value of Moringa Seed Powder and Moringa Pellets



Grenera is known as an eminent Moringa seed cake powder manufacturer. Grenera Moringa Seed Powder residue received after the extraction of Moringa oil from the seeds and it’s obtained from the cold pressing method. Grenera Moringa cake is Rich in quality & 100% free from any contamination. With up to 60% protein content, the seed press cake left over from crushing seeds can be used as a protein supplement. Moringa Seed cake powder contains all the essential amino acids.



Organic Moringa Tablets and Moringa Pellets Manufacturers



Moringa is an important food source in the world. Because Moringa can be grown cheaply and easily, and now we manufactured in the form of Moringa Tablets.The Moringa tablet is the most convenient way of taking the nutrient rich moringa leaves. Moringa Tablets are manufactured from the pure moringa leaf powder. The moringa leaves are dried and powder immediately after the harvest to retain the freshness.



Why Should Buy Moringa Tea cut Leaves from Grenera Bulk Moringa Products Manufactures



Our company Grenera Nutrients Pvt,Ltd is the pioneer of the leading manufacturing of moringa and other herbal products.We have own as well as contractual forms of 1000 hectraes.Our manufacturing facility is around 58 thousand sq.ft with laboratories.



Nutritional Value of Organic Moringa Seeds



Our company Grenera Nutrients Pvt,Ltd is the pioneer of the leading manufacturing of moringa and other herbal products.We have own as well as contractual forms of 1000 hectraes.



Hidden Truth Behind Moringa Tea Leaves and It's Nutritional Value



Grenera Nutrients Private Limited is a Pioneer Manufacturer of Moringa Tea Leaves. Moringa Tea leaves are made from the fresh leaves of moringa. Fresh Moringa leaves are collected from the Moringa tree and it is washed and shadow dried at a low temperature under controlled atmospheric condition.








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