An Introduction


Every Home Has A Story


Founded as a Home Furnishing firm, Elite Decor Pvt. Ltd has set a benchmark in the industry by growing year by year & have expanded the products line in Home Decor, Kitchen & Garden and Furniture categories.

Whether you're looking to freshen up a nook, a room or an entire home, STORY@HOME is where you'll find all the pieces that will smartly refresh and inspire your space, making it instantly appealing. At STORY@HOME we believe Every Home Has a Story, and we live up to create beautiful stories for your Home.

We have grown over the years with a wide range of Stunning, Innovative, Comfortable & Affordable Home Furnishing & Home Decor products with the centre of attention being only YOU. We stand behind the quality of every product we sell, and make sure to transform and beautify your home with the latest classy trends. Trendy products with innovative design and genuine quality with on time delivery is what we believe in.
We're proud of every item in our product line, and love to hear the home transforming stories from our customers


A house is as well designed as can the designer imagine. You are the whole and sole behind your home and its design language. Go wild with your imagination and bring out the flair in you. Your decor aesthetic will be as original as you can make it. Try unusual things and stand out. Here’s a nudge to your creative side.
The kitchen! A very functional spot of your home. We keep the best of our kitchen wares in storage that we access occasionally. Bring those out already. Make use of the traditional open shelves to showcase your prized possessions, your creative collection. You can also place some planters on these shelves among others things.
You see tables and you see chairs. Break the sets and make your own collection. Gather the best individual chairs and table you find that suit your style, and make a set designed originally by you. Mix and match.
Speaking of mix and match, you can give that a try with your living room furniture as well. Wicker chairs or cane furniture gives a nice outdoor or coastal feel. Bring them in to blend with your homely and comfortable other pieces for an in-house holiday. Also, throw in some wrought iron paraphernalia. A mixed bag is always the most exiting.
Rugs are meant for floors, yes. But who says you can’t hang them on the wall. It is a piece of art after all. So can table runners be. Frame them, hang them.
Take a creative stool, turn it into a side table. Hey, they are even easy to move around. Try one or a combination of 2 or 3.
Swap your old lamp shades and maybe repurpose the old ones into overcasting some ceiling bulbs. Try to create something like a lampshade chandelier. You can also try a hand at DIY here - use just the frame or embroider design onto the old wrap. Innovative, right?
This one you might have seen in places already - reusing jars and bottles to hold planters, or candles. But theres always some extra of those lying around.

Returns / Refunds


Return Policy :


This return policy is only applicable if the item was sold on


Items are only eligible for return, refund and replacement if only applicable in the return time period only if the fulfills the following conditions:



  • If the item received is different from what you had ordered.
  • If the item received is damaged or manufacturing defect condition.
  • If the item is different from what is mentioned on the product page.
  • If the item is having missing parts or accessories which was mentioned on the product page.
  • If the return request is to be raised within 3 Working Days from the date of delivery. Return request after return period will be rejected.
  • If the order placed is prepaid then the refund amount will be transferred to your account. In case of COD order placed, then the refund amount shall be credited to your storyathome account.


Any item to be returned should be returned in there original unused condition, with all the original accessories, price tag, manuals, parts accessories, original packaging box delivered to you. You will be responsible for any damage incurred to the product during return transit, hence for safety please ensure proper packing of the product before returning.


Due to multiple factors colors of the actual product and the product image CGI Images varies. Actual color of the product may vary and hence slight variation in color shaded does not come in return policy. Return of different color Items is only eligible if the color of the item is totally different from the image on the product page. For eg. Item shown was blue and received brown.


We hold the rights to reject returns, refund or replace the item depending on your return request and return conditions fulfilled. Any other reason for returns might be rejected or approved depending on conditions fulfilled. If you request for returning the product for any other reasons and if approved return shipping charges will be charged.


Cancellation Policy:


If you think you have ordered a wrong item, if you request us within 12hrs of the time of purchase. We will not ship the item and we will refund 100% money back. After 12hrs of purchase if you fail to send order cancellation email, you will be not be eligible for the return policy, since the product might have been shipped by the time. When you cancel the order, make sure you submit a proper reason, without proper reason for cancellation, we will not be able to accept it. Stopping your order processing is critical task after we get the order;  and hence cancelling any order will affect us & so expect your co-operation in this regard. Refund will be processed from our side in maximum 2 business days as mentioned earlier.


Tips to avoid returns :


To ensure to order the correct product for your purpose here are few tips for a proper buying techniques:


  • Ensure that the product will actually fulfills your needs & requirements in terms of size and use. Make sure that the product will actually fit your requirements. All the specifications of the products are mentioned on the product by us to ensure that the customer fully understands the product


  • Due to different technology of different screens there will always be slight variation in actual color of the product and displayed color on your device. Factors like different display technology, display size, image capture lighting settings, color-contrast-brightness settings , viewing angle etc. . . make the actual color of the product vary. Hence it is better to select the nearest shade of the product for your use.


  • All our product details contain specifications ad per international standard guidelines, i.e., GSM – Grams per Metre for towels etc…, TC Thread Counts for Fabric standards, CM – centimeter for measurements, KG – Kilograms for weight, etc…. .


  • Note : Please ensure and review the specifications of the product before purchasing.


  • Happy To Help !! -  All of our team are dedicated to provide best customer experience to our customers. Feel free to contact us in any of the following methods: