Organic & Vedic products are a daily requirement in houses, restaurants, hotels and food corners across the world. The demand for such commodities never decreases in the market and the supply of good quality of edible items is lesser than expected. With an aim to make available a healthy range of Organic & Vedic products, is the online global division of ANIOR. ANIOR is the manufacturer & exporter of Organic & Vedic products. Our organic division ranges from Beverages like Fruit Squashes, Herbal Teas, Special Vedic Coffees, Grocery, Spices, Sweeteners, Room Fresheners, Mosquito Repellents & Therapeutic grade Pure Essential Oils. Our Vedic Division Contains Exotic Incense & Dhoop. Our Vedic Gift division has Books, CDs/DVDs on Spirituality & Yoga as well as Paraphernalia like Tulasi,...Read more

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