Angel Yeast Beta Glucan
Angel Yeast Beta Glucan

An Introduction


Yeast Beta Glucan is a Natural fibre and  yeast and most useful natural ingredient for food, beverage, supplement products, clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system.”

In bakery products it performs the functions of yeast & act as a immunity booster.


It is safe for people with yeast allergy. Because those components in yeast which may cause allergy are completely removed during the production process. Yeast Beta Glucan helps to boost the immune system in human body. So, It is use as a functional food ingredient or for the use in food supplements. Health food or medicines, to enhance immunity, anti-radiation, regulating blood lipids, and adjuvant treatment of cancer. Beta-glucans are derived from many sources including; oats, barley, seaweed, as well as many types microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and fungi). Yeast Beta Glucan helps to boost the immune system in human body.


Most of the people wants to strenghthen  their immune health with natural, safe and science-backed products that fit their busy lives and appeals to their picky eaters. It is also uses in beverages & fruit beverages , yeast beta glucan provide more viscosity in beverages children consuming a beverage-based formula with beta glucan had significantly fewer acute respiratory infections, and the duration of their illnesses was significantly shorter than children drinking unfortified cow’s milk. Angle yeast beta glucan is also used in dairy products such as flavoured milk , lassi & curd in dairy products yeast beta glucan act as immunity booster agent & promotes viscosity which increases the quality of product. It is used in all kinds of foods, such as: dairy products, bakery, beverages, fruit juices.


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