Renu Hair Oil nourishes hair roots and scalp. It promotes hair growth, Reduces dandruff and prevents premature greying. As Renu Hair Oil contains bhirngraj in it,  this helps in relieving stress and stress related hair fall. Gentally massage of this hair oil improves the blood circulation of scalp also moisturizes the scalp. Renu hair oil works on sebaceous glands to promote new hair growth. Renu hair oil contains Amla which helps in making hair silky,  shinny and making hair soft. There are many over the counter products available to tackle hair problems. However ayurvedic products are the safer and better option in the long run. Side effect of these products is nil as compared to other products. Renu hair oil is also one of such product which naturally cares your hair and gives desired result. Use of natural hair oil on regular basis is the secret of healthy hair. And Renu hair oil is one of them. 

Benefits : This hair oil is effective on all types of hair (straight,  wavy,  curly etc). This hair oil contains herbs like bhirngraj which revitalize the hair fall and helps in the growth of hair. Renu hair oil repair damaged hair and prevents from premature greying.  

Main Ingredients : Bhirngraj,  Manjihit, Lodhra, Nagkesar, Gairik, Jatmansi, Nagarmotha, Chandan, Harad, Bahera, Aamla, Haldi, Daru Haldi, Bala, Devdaru,  Milk, Till ka Tail. 

Directions of use : Take sufficient quantity of Renu Hair Oil and apply on hair and scalp. Massage gently and leave it for 6-8hrs.,  then wash your hair. For best result use Renu Hair shampoo.


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