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Nano Infrared Electric Thermal Generator – working principal


When the NANO-Infrared coil is powered on, its Nano scale high temperature alloy electric wire produces heat energy with high eff-iciency. The emitted thermal radiation is filtered through a quartz tube and converted into FAR INFRARED RADIATION. FAR INFRARED is an energy transmitting electro-magnetic wave with wavelength range of 0.47 - 400 microns. FAR INFRARED RAYS transmit heat energy through radiation.


Thermal Reflective layer


These INFRARED RAYS, start penetrating into machine barrel through its molecules or atoms. Un absorbed rays are reflected back and hit the reflective layer and transferred back to barrel, thus generating high vibrations & frictions to increase the barrel temperature through heat radiation with minimum heat losses.


High Eff-icient Nano Thermal Insulation Layer


This Nano Insulation layer restricts the heat dissipation and Isolates the heat energy within, thus preventing heat losses. While keeping the shell temperature less than 50° Celsius makes the working environment within the workshop significantly cooler.


Stainless Steel Shell


Aitherm with its technical expertise, have brilliantly designed the SS shell efficiently to prevent heat losses at end openings. This protective layer enhances the energy saving eff-iciency decreases the risk of burns during operation.


High Temperature Exothermic Radiation Layer


High temperature radiation protection layer sprayed on the shell further reduces heat loss and surface temperature, making it cool enough for direct touch.




  • Eff-icient heating mode with single point infrared radiation.
  • Patented steel structure frame work with stability & long service of 8 years.
  • Surface temperature as low as 40° Celsius, thus improving working environment.
  • Energy saving rate from 30 - 68%.
  • Easy installation as against traditionally used ceramic/ mica band heaters.




• Customized as per machine types & models.
• Accurate temperature control, avoids temperature overshoots.
• Adequately designed windows & cable tray facilities.
• High resistant heating wire and high quality halogen quartz tube.
• Capability of heating the work piece with high density, high energy and high intensity.