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Aluminium Alloy Sheet

Aluminium Alloy Sheet


Product Details:

Surface Treatment Coated
Thickness 5 to 20 mm
Shape Rectangle
Type Sheet
Material Aluminum Alloy
Is It Anodised Anodised
Pattern Plain

S.P STEELS Is The SUPPLIERS And The Regular Suppliers Of Bronze In Which Aluminium Is The Main Alloying Metal Added To Copper In Contrast To Standard Bronze.A Variety Of Aluminium Bronzes Of Different Compositions Have Found Industrial Use, With The Most Ranging From 5% To 11% Aluminium By Weight. The Remaining Mass Being OterCopper,Other Alloying Agents Such As Iron, Nickel, Manganese, And Silicon Are Also Sometimes Added To Aluminium Bronzes.

IS: 64430 (HE-30), IS : 65032 (HE-20), IS:243456 (HE-15), 
IS: 54300 (N-8),
IS: 53000 (N-5), IS : 52000 (N-4), 19500, 19000 in Shapes of Sheets, Plates, Round Bar, Flats, Pipes in 'O', 'M' , 'WW' & 'WP' Condition.

Form of: Sheet, Plate, Strip, Flat & Blank
Specification: IS, BS, ASTM Etc.
Grade: 6351 Gr. T-6, 6063 Gr. T-6, 5052, 1100 Etc.


  • Round Hexagonals, Squares, Rods, Tubes, Sheets, Strips, Foils, Busbars, Plate, Flats, Wire, Tubings, Sections & Bushes.
Series Main Alloy Effect on Alloying Elements
1000 Non (99% Alum.) Unalloyed aluminium is highly corrosion resistant, low strength, workable, conductive, Non-heat-treatable.
2000 Copper Based Gives strength, hardness, machinability, Heat-treatable
3000 Manganese Based Adds moderate strength, good workability. Non-heat-treatable
5000 Magnesium Based Moderate to high strength. Corrosion resistant. Non-heat-treatable
6000 Magnesium & Silicon Based Increase strength, formability, corrosion resistant. Heat-treatable.
7000 Zinc Based For greatest strength. Heat-treatable.


  • 1000, 3000, 5000 and 6000 alloys have good welding characteristics and corrosion resistant. 2000 and 7000 alloys have higher strength and better machinability, but lower weldability and corrosion resistant.

Wrought Alloys: Near Equivalent Designation

IS Old IS (A.A.) (B.S.)   (DIN) - - -
19501 1E 1050(E.C.) 1E C 1S E-Al 99.5 - Al-99.5 1050A
19500 1B 1050 1B 1S A-99.5 - - -
19600 - 1060 - - - - Al-99.7 -
19700 - 1070 - - Al-99.7 - Al-99.8 -



Approx Price: Rs 180 /Kilogram