School Bell Timer SBELL 8012 with Traditional Sound/Voice Output  -    Write Up






Features :

User Friendly Programming and Simple to Install

16 x 2  character, alphanumeric backlit lcd display panel,      Weekly programmable alarm(bell) setpoints.

30 programmable holidays (bell will not ring on these holidays)

3 operating modes : Summer, Winter  & Exam (Total 120 setpoints/alarms per week) .

Manual push button  to ring bell  in case of emergencies.

Silent mode for Vacations & Unscheduled holidays. ( no bell ringing during Silent mode)

Unit can be interfaced with External PA Systems, Audio Power Amplifiers

Built-In AudioAmplifier Control provided.( Amplifier will turn ON 1 minute before alarm time and turn OFF after alarm is over)

User selectable bell – Electric (coil) type  or Electronic Sound Bell-SBELL 8012 only ( Audio output for PA systems)

Audio module with SD card facility provided for playing wave/mp3 bell sound files .

(User can program  99 different bell sound/audio files in SD card ( .wav/.mp3 files) and insert in sound module using PC)

Sound Library ( with different audio sounds) provided in SD card.  User can select desired sound files from the sound Library.

Stand alone unit – no computer needed to operate.



Technical Specifications :


Display : 16 x 2 backlit LCD display panel.

Keyboard : 5 x 1 Tactile keyboard

Output : Relay 15 Amps@ 240 VAC, resistive load.  This relay should be wired to a 5 pin female socket for Amplifier ON/OFF Control purposes.  This can be optionally used for Electric Bell also.

Time Base : TCXO based RTC ( Real Time Chip) for very high timing  accuracy.

Memory Backup :  Batteryless memory, Life span – 30 years.

Real time backup : Lithium Cell CR2032 (for Time keeping only)

Manual Operation : Through push button on front panel.

Temperature : Operating  0 – 50 deg C.  Storage : 70 deg C

Enclosure & Mounting  : Metallic, Wall Mounting.

Dimensions : 160(L) x 110(W) x80(H) mm ( Can change for newer designs)

Input :           230/240 VAC, 50 Hz.


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