Features :

Extremely user Friendly Programming

16 x 2 wide angle alphanumeric backlit lcd display panel

User selectable display in amp.Hours or amp.Minutes

Two Operating Modes :      Mode 1 : Presettable Ah limits       Mode 2 : Presettable Time Limits

Non volatile memory to store Total Ah and Batch Ah values

Control Relay for cutoff of Rectifier/Electroplating apparatus.

Provision for Front Panel and Rear Panel Start/Reset Push Buttons

User Programmable Shunt mV values, Field Calibration of Shunt values possible.

Manual Operation for testing purposes provided.

Keypad lock to prevent tampering of data


Technical Specifications :

Display : 16 x 2 backlit LCD display panel.

Keyboard : 4 x 1 Tactile keyboard

Relay Output : 5 Amps@ 240 VAC, resistive load.

Memory Backup :  Lithium Cell for RTC.

Data Display : Mode1: Row1 – Total Amp.Hr or Amp.Min,         Row2 – Acual Ah/Am, Set Ah/Am

                          Mode2: Row1 – Acual Amps,  Total Amp.Hr        Row2 – Elapsed Time/Set Time

Temperature : Operating  0 – 50 deg C.  Storage : 70 deg C

Enclosure & Mounting  :ABS Plastic, Panel Mounting.

Dimensions :  96 x 96 x 85 mm ( Depth), Cutout needed : 92x92 mm.

Input : Single Phase, 230/240 VAC, 50 Hz.

Applications : Battery charge/discharge monitors/controllers, Dosing control operations, Rectifier control for precise control during Gold/Silver/Nickel  plating processes, fixed charging processes, etc

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