Owing to our immense industry experience, we are capable of manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Pipe Clamp Fittings. Our clamps are made by using finest quality materials that make these durable in nature. All our fittings are useful for installation of gas, water and oil pipelines. Before final delivery, these clamp fittings are stringently tested on their quality standards. We make available the collection of Pipe Clamp Fittings at highly affordable rates.    


  • Excellent load holding capacity
  • Can withstand heavy pressure
  • Easy to connect
  • Dimensional accuracy that assure easy installation
  • Sturdiness and impeccable finish
  • Polished with optimum quality material that assure its corrosion resistant nature
  • Ability to withstand adverse condition
  • Regulate the flow of fluids
  • Excellent finish with rugged structure
  • Ability to withstand high temperature



Designed to give a 90º butt joint between two pipes. Frequently used for the joint between end uprights and the middle rail where the railing site is straight and level. also used for base ties on racking. This Fitting cannot be used where through pipe is required to be joined within the fitting. Type 25 should be used when a join in the pipe is necessary.


Prod. No. 601A 601B 601C
Size (Inches) 1 1.1/4" 1.1/2"
Pipe O.D (A) 1.315 1.66 1.9
Dimension (D) 1.81 2.38 2.69
Dimension (E) 1.84 2.16 2.38
Wt. (Kgs.) 0.31 0.465 0.58


Designed to form an in-line joint be- twin two pieces of pipe of the same size. Where a constant diameter is required along the outside of the pipe (such as ADA handrail or garment storage) an internal spigot (type 18 or type 514-8) should be considered.


Prod. No. 602A 602B 602C
Size (Inches) 1
Pipe O.D (A) 1.315 1.66 1.9
Dimension (D) 3.5 4.01 4.09
Wt. (Kgs.) 0.37 0.52 0.62


A 90° elbow joint, most frequently used as an end joint for the top rail of safety railing on a level site.


  • Ensures tight joint
  • Consistent tensioning
  • Ease of installation


Prod. No. 603A 603B 603C
Size (Inches) 1 1‚¼ 1‚½
Pipe O.D (A) 1.315 1.66 1.9
Dimension (D) 1.81 2.36 2.67
Wt. (Kgs.) 0.34 0.56 0.8



Used in pairs to form variable angle joints between 90° and 180°. When calculating cutting lengths for pipe, dimension “E” should be subtracted to give true pipe length. Type 19-8 and 19-85 can produce an angle range between 60° and 180°.


Prod. No. 604A 604B 604C
Size (Inches) 1 1‚¼ 1‚½
Pipe O.D (A) 1.315 1.66 1.9
Dimension (D) 2.28 2.87 3.54
Dimension (E) 1.3 1.57 2.17
Wt. (Kgs.) 0.36 0.4 0.72


A 90° corner joint most frequently used for the top rail of safety railing. it can also be considered for the corner joint of benches, work tables, and other rectangular structures.


Prod. No. 605A 605B 605C
Size (Inches) 1
Pipe O.D (A) 1.315 1.660 1.900
Dimension (D) 1.81 2.36 2.68
Wt. (Kgs.) 0.500 0.880 1.135



Most frequently paired with type 20 to give a 90° corner joint for the middle rail of safety railing and other rectangular structures. the upright passes through the fitting.


Prod. No. 606A 606B 606C
Size (Inches) 1 1‚¼ 1‚½
Pipe O.D (A) 1.315 1.66 1.9
Dimension (D) 1.81 2.36 2.68
Wt. (Kgs.) 0.400 0.750 0.900
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